Wednesday, June 29, 2011

" A Grateful Heart Is A Happy Heart!"

A few weeks ago I got my first glimpse of vegie tales... and surprisingly enough I was moved to tears. I has been a very spiritual day for me and my companion and at the end of it we decided to go and see a member of our branch that we hadn't seen for a while. She was in the process of cleaning out a room and we came just in time to help. Her 4 year old grandson, Jaden was more than happy to help but seemed to only getting in the way. After a while of cleaning and he felt like his time would be better spent watching TV than helping us clean.
   His grandma put on an episode of Vegie tales... I kinda giggled to myself thinking... who's bright idea was it to tell stories through vegetables... anywho. We kept cleaning when  I started to hear the story about Madame Blueberry. This a very blue lady ( not the color, but the feeling ) who cried all day for the things she didn't have. Her poor butlers who cared very much for her tried to cheer her up, but there was no use Madame Blueberry could not see any reoson for joy and only saw the material things that she laked. Out of nowhere two salesman from the Stuff Mart convinced her that the only way that she could be happy is if she had more stuff. The sad blueberry willing to try anything decides to go shopping to find joy. On the way there they run into a small humble family that is celebrating their daugheter's  birthday. Madame Blueberry saw the family sitting together about to have birthday pie she thought to her self that this little girl must be really sad for having so little when she over hears the little girl singing this song

 " I thank God for this day,
For the sun in the sky,
For my mom and my dad,
For my piece of apple pie!

For our home on the ground,
For His love that's all around,
That's why I say thanks every day!

Because a thankful heart is a happy heart!
I'm glad for what I have,
Thats an easy way to start!

For the love that He shares,
'Cause He listens to my prayers,
That's why I say thanks every day!"

  All of the sudden i had this lovely warm sensation in my heart and tears in my eyes. I couldn't help but to join in gratitude for the things God has given me. I have never had much in the eyes of the world, but the Lord has blessed me with everything that matters in this life.  I have a family who loves me and prays for me every night . I have a loving family on the mission that have strengthened me and help me to understand more of Heavenly Father's love for his children. I have a testimony of my of a Father in Heaven, of my Savior Jesus Christ and his restored gospel on this earth. I have everything that I need to be happy in this life. I invite all to count their blessings and to thank God for all that he has given you. I promise that as you live your life giving thanks you will have a heart that over floods with Joy!


  1. Another timeless lesson learned from Veggietales. :) And how true: we will find true happiness only when we are grateful for what we have been blessed with. How can we show our gratitude to our Father?

  2. I LOVE Veggietales! I'm so happy you finally got introduced! We can learn timeless lessons from Veggietales and have fun at the same time! I love it... But as for showing our gratitude to Heavenly Father? Give at least one prayer of only thanks each day. Sometimes a simple 'thank you' is all it takes. What's a small, simple thing that you are grateful for?

  3. I love Veggietales. A lot of people think it is silly, and it is, but I think they do a good job at teaching children important lessons through humor and sweet experiences like the one you shared. If I were to recommend two other sweet Veggietale stories they would be "A Snoodle's Tale" and a song sung by Junior entitled "My Day." Look them up. They will make you cry, if you're like me.